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Non-Bike related

We don’t advertise for work that isn’t related to bicycles… but we certainly do a lot of it… and we’re really happy to make or repair just about anything metal that you need.

Frame painting - After repair.

At the risk of sounding like we’re boasting…… ask around. We think you’ll find we really are very good at painting bike frames. Prices start from just $285, but please note we only paint frames as part of a “repair” and can’t offer a paint “only” service.


Hi-Ride Carrier “Up & Out” (2-bike)

Most bike racks and carriers wont let you tow a trailer or van while carrying bikes… this one will

Restoration - General

Restoration does not have to mean returning a frame to a perfectly original and “show-quality” standard. It could simply mean “doing it up” and getting it just the way you want it.

Restoration - BMX

Regardless of whether you want to end up with traditional paint, powdercoat or chrome… that “finish” can only be as good as the restoration work done first. We’ll give you the invisible repairs & show-quality restoration you really want.

Brake mounts - Disc

We custom make & fit our own International Standard disc brake mounts to just about any frame you can throw at us… hardtail, dual-suspension, Aluminium, CrMo, steel and Titanium.

Brake mounts - Caliper, canti and “V”

Want to run “V” brakes on a road bike? Want to swap to 700c or 29” wheels? Want to change from caliper brakes to cantis? Then you’re going to have to do something about your brake mounts - and we can sort all of that for you.

Derailleur hangers

We repair all hangers, even the non-replaceable & non-weldable ones. We even convert frames to allow them to use replaceable hangers. Why? Because it’s a good idea… because we can… and because it seems no one else wants to.

Bottom bracket thread

We can fit a brand new thread in your frame’s bottom bracket shell… one side only or both (depending on what’s needed). And you’d never even know it had been done! Available for Aluminium, Titanium, Carbon Fibre, Steel & CrMo frames.

Fork Steerer tubes

We can straighten or extend or completely replace steerer tubes in most forks… everything from road through to long-travel downhill forks. Not all forks are suitable, but if yours is then it’s 100% safe and guaranteed.

Custom shock mounting hardware

Sick of “clunky” rear ends? Bending standard shock mounting bolts? Or do you just want to fit a shock that was never meant to go into your particular frame? You may want to consider getting us to make you a custom mounting kit.

Things that are stuck

Seat posts, stems & quills, pedals, cranks, bottom brackets, bearings & bushes (both whole and broken)... it’s amazing how often we’re called on to remove something that’s simply “stuck”.

Thread repair & replacement

Even on the most basic bicycle there’s a lot of threads… often they’re nice, soft aluminium threads with steel bolts being screwed into them. If they happen to strip out we can fix them all.

Horizontal dropouts

Personally, we figure gears were invented for a reason, but if you’ve decided to simplify your riding to only a single speed, forget about getting us to convert your frame to horizontal dropouts and see here for a much better idea.

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