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Hi-Ride Carrier “2+2” (4-bike)

Available in both the “Classic” model (for road and XC etc) and the “Downhill” (for those big rigs). This one’s a 2-bike Hi-Ride carrier when that’s all you need, but converts to a 4-bike rack (or back to a 2-bike) in just seconds.



Carriers & Racks on caravans & campers etc.

There’s nothing better than taking your bikes with you when you’re off in the van, camper or motorhome. Unfortunately it’s also one of the hardest things to organize properly… until now.

Bike Trailers

Do you need to transport lots of bikes? More bikes than you can possibly fit on your car? Then a GripSport Bike Trailer could be for you. Perfect for clubs, tour operators and families full of riders.

Complete systems

Trailer Racks (2-bike)

Got a trailer?  Want to turn it into a bike trailer?  Better yet, do you want to turn it into a GripSport bike trailer?
Well now you can… no matter where you are in the country.


GripSport news

Belt up |

We’ve modified a lot of frames to allow for belt drives. This is how we tend to go about it… and why we do it the way we do.

Firstly, we’re not fans of the commercially available “frame splitters”. Why? Well not only are they only available for a limited range of tube sizes, but they also assume every seat stay is made from a “round” tube… when they’re just not nowadays.

Secondly… it’s simply not a good idea to cut a seat stay in the middle and it’s highly likely that any retro-fitted joiner will result in totally different strength and flex characteristics in the stay.

And thirdly… seeing that the right hand dropout area is the single most common spot for any frame to break (we’ve repaired and strengthened thousands of frames in this area), then doesn’t it make sense to build the frame “split” right there at the dropout and strengthen the whole area all the same time? We think that makes a whole lot of sense… which is why we only do it that way.

For example, this Cannondale “Bad Boy” has got lovely, hydroformed seat stays, but they’re not “round” and they’re not straight (they’re bent into an arc) which means a commercially available mid-stay frame splitter would be useless… plus this is an aluminium frame, so any welding in the middle of the stays is about as clever as hiring Rolf Harris for your baby sitter. So we took this standard dropout….

... and did this to it

The dropout looks good, maintaining the original “look” of the frame… it’s stronger than ever… and it now allows for a belt drive to be fitted.

And the reality is, a lot of things just can’t be done using off-the-shelf, commercially available bits… and will only ever happen if you employ a bit of thought and some custom engineering.

The photo below is a closeup with the area we’ve worked on highlighted in orange (undercoat) and before final colour matching and application of the new top coat.

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A couple of new trailers |

Bike trailers are certainly booming… here’s just two that went out last week.

The owner of the top one just wanted a bit of extra space under the bikes… for gear etc.

The owner of the second one wanted a lot of extra space under the bikes… including mounts for 2 kayaks and a large, fully sealed “box” for all their goodies.

You want it? Then we’ll try our best to make it for you!

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And again |

We’ve said it before and we’ll probably say it a heap more times before the human race is all wiped out by global warming, but you can’t just have your broken bike frame “welded up” and expect it to last.

This Fondriest gave up the ghost and snapped through the right hand dropout. No great surprise there as that is THE most common spot for ANY bike frame to break… but someone thought that a quick (cheap) “weld-up” would do the trick, whereas all it’s really done is weaken the whole dropout (it’s a heat-treated alloy), damage the carbon fibre seat stay (where it’s bonded to the dropout) and compromise that bonded joint (it “cooked” the glue).

But what always surprises us when we see this sort of thing (and we DO see a lot of it), is not the fact that the owner thinks the quick/cheap “weld-up” is going to work (because the owner isn’t expected to be an expert), but that someone who knows how to weld alloys (and is therefore seen as “the expert”), doesn’t really know what they’re doing at all.

Now we’re not saying these people can’t weld, just that they don’t necessarily know and understand what can’t be done to a bike frame… or, more importantly, what can be done and how to do it properly. As we said above, we see a lot of this sort of thing and we hear a lot about owners saving money by getting that quick “weld-up” done by a local welding “expert” who (they say) “must be good because they learnt their craft welding up space shuttles and butterfly wings.”

Well it’s horses for courses, isn’t it, and you get what you pay for. Here at GripSport we admit that we know bugger all about welding up space shuttles and butterfly wings… so we promise we wont even attempt it and that we’ll just stick to what we do know… which is how to repair a bike frame properly.

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Busy little bees |

People often don’t realize just how much work we do that doesn’t directly involve working on a bike, so we thought you may like to see this…

The picture above is our steel delivery for one week, for just one of our bike parking products. All that steel will be turned into “framing” (like you see below) that holds up all the bike rails found at train stations, commercial buildings and car parks nowadays.

And of course we make the actual bike parking rails that go on all that framing too!

And we do all this because “Bicycle Engineering” isn’t just about the bike itself… bikes need to be transported and parked too.

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Back from the dead |

Saving a frame from the “bin” is always nice… saving a nice frame is better… but best of all is saving a frame that everyone tells you just couldn’t be saved.

This Cervelo broke at the seat clamp area… making it impossible to tighten the seat post and hold the seat at the right height. One small crack had turned what was once a nice piece of exotica into next year’s Coke cans.

But as we always say, there’s really very little that can’t be fixed. In this case a welded repair was out of the question, so Andrew set about hand crafting a lightweight, stainless steel collar that was bonded in place to both hold the frame together and enable the seat post clamp to do its job. All done, no touch-up paint required, looks good, customer happy and all those roadside “engineers” who insist on telling their mates what can and can’t be repaired are silenced yet again. All up a good day for the masked avengers at Grip HQ.

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There’s always a way |

This “Farleigh” (which may or may not be a genuine Bob Farley frame), came in needing a complete re-thread to the bottom bracket.

Normally we would machine out the B/B “shell” and fit a threaded insert into the frame without any paint damage and without any sign it had ever been done.

But the “shell” on the Farleigh was so thin there was chance of doing that and as the owner wanted to retain the original lugs and as much of the original “look” as possible, we ended up machining out most of the shell itself and welding in a new threaded section.

Not quite as neat as we would have liked, and yes it now requires a bit of paint repair, but really the only option.

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Little things DO matter! |

People who tell you “not to sweat the little things” have obviously never had their expensive, pride-and-joy velocipede rendered useless because some “little thing” failed.

Like the tiny piece of dropout that snapped on this Cervelo… making it about as useful to cycling as Tony Abbott is to the environment.











Or this “little” crack, that seems to magically appear on so many BMCs… and results in a seat post that’s harder to keep in place than Warnie’s libido.

Bug frame













Or the (pretty typical) habit of fitting decent carbon frames with bottom bracket thread inserts that rip apart and fall out because they’re made from bloody Coke cans.

So to any frame designers out there… think it through, Petal… and remember that those little things DO matter… and the people forking out their hard-earned dollars for your creation would probably rather push an extra few grams of material up a hill than find their bike left useless by your obsession with weight.

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“Just imagine what cycling would be like if bikes were designed by engineers rather than engineered by designers.”

Put your glases on! |

The entire bottom bracket shell (the internal thread) came unstuck and fell out of this “quite-well-known” Italian frame. While it was in to have that fixed, we noticed the off-centre drilling for the bidon mounts. Looks like it was setup by some idiot with 12 thumbs (yes we said 12) and the work-life mantra of… “Huh?”

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