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Hi-Ride Carrier (2-bike)

When it comes to carrying bikes, our Hi-Ride carrier system has set the standard for over 10 years as the world’s safest, simplest and toughest bike rack ever. This new one is at least 5,000 times better though… seriously. Read on to see why. And it’s red… so it must be good!

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Carriers & Racks on caravans & campers etc.

There’s nothing better than taking your bikes with you when you’re off in the van, camper or motorhome. Unfortunately it’s also one of the hardest things to organize properly… until now.

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Hi-Ride Carrier “2+2” (4-bike)

This brilliant bike rack is a 2-bike Hi-Ride carrier… when that’s all you need, but converts to a 4-bike rack (or back to a 2-bike) in just seconds.

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Bike Trailers

Do you need to transport lots of bikes? More bikes than you can possibly fit on your car? Then a GripSport Bike Trailer could be for you. Perfect for clubs, tour operators and families full of riders.

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Here you go folks… something new for you to “oooh” and “ahhh” over.

This is our brand new Hi-Ride carrier model…the “Tilty”

And yep, it’s a really stupid name for a bike rack, but we’re sticking with it… A/ because it’s fun… B/ because we can… and C/ because it’s a bloody “Tilty”, so what else were we going to call it?

You see, unlike the “hinged” carriers that are out there on the market, the Tilty does NOT hinge down from the tow bar. It also does NOT force you to your knees to operate awkward latches and remove (then struggle to re-fit) a whole bunch of locking pins. Most importantly though, it does NOT drop your bikes onto the ground, it does NOT leave you with a dirty great weight to lift back up (and then hold in position while you crouch down to reinsert locking pins etc) and it most definitely does NOT rely on a “hinge” point for the carrier’s structural integrity.

What the Tilty DOES do though, is shift your bikes from fully upright, to tilted way back… in just seconds. It also keeps your bikes well clear of the ground while still giving you access into the rear of your vehicle. And on top of that… it’s all balanced so perfectly that you can tilt the bikes back into their upright position with two fingers and have the whole thing secured and ready to drive off in just seconds.

So are you getting a picture of the differences between a hinged bike rack and a Tilty? If not, have a look at our little video… then try and tell us you don’t want one. Go on… we dare you.

And the best news of all? You can PRE-order yours right now!

The one in the video is just a prototype… without zinc plating or powder coating, but we’re into our first production run right now and expecting the first batch of pretty ones to be rolling out the door in the first week of December.

Price for this great bit of kit is $598 and delivery anywhere in Australia (if wanted, but you’re welcome to pickup) is a flat-rate $50.

Get in quick though… first batch is nearly sold out already.


Frame repairs

From the smallest crack to complete frame failure… we’ve very rarely come across something we can’t fix. In fact we’ve repaired over 7000 frames (as of 2012) so we’re pretty confident about repairing yours.

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Frame painting

At the risk of sounding like we’re boasting…… ask around. We think you’ll find we really are very good at painting bike frames… and our prices start from just $285.

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Restoration - BMX

Regardless of whether you want to end up with traditional paint, powdercoat or chrome… that “finish” can only be as good as the restoration work done first. We’ll give you the invisible repairs & show-quality restoration you really want.

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In most cases (yes… most cases) it’s incredibly risky and dangerous to carry bicycles on the rear of a caravan or camper? If you don’t believe us, just ask around (van manufacturers, forums and users etc), or just think back to the last time you saw bikes bouncing around on the back of a van. That movement is NOT okay… it’s the carrier trying to rip itself free and kill the family traveling behind you. Makes you think, doesn’t it.

But if you want to carry bikes on a caravan, let us show you how to do it easily and safely. Just ask us… email or call.


A little heads-up… If you’re going to want something from us before Christmas, do yourself a favour and arrange it soon. In particular, it seems that no matter how much stock of bike racks and carriers we build, we always run out in the “silly season” and this year’s silly season looks like it’s going to be busier than ever.

You’ve been warned (oh doesn’t that sound tough!)


Bike racks on caravans

The pre-Christmas rush to get bike racks fitted to caravans has well and truly begun. Click here to see just a few of the ones we’ve done lately.

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Bike rack fitted to trailer

One of our 2+2 (4-bike) racks fitted to a customer’s standard ol’ box trailer.

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A huge “good-on-ya” to our pocket-rocket welder, John Dennis and partner, Steph on the birth of their son, James.
JD is apparently already adapting to 30 minutes sleep a night.

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Welcome aboard - Paul

It’s only taken 16 years… but we finally got Paul Carmichael to come and work for us.

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This is why

If you’re feeling a little ignored lately and like we’re not updating our home page as often as we should… then this is why.

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What a load of bollocks!

Seriously… even this bloke would be too embarrassed to take a day off for a bloody footy match!

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