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Bicycle Billboard

The absolute cheapest, easiest and most eye-catching way ever of getting your brand, your message, or whatever you want seen, out in front of people.


Hi-Ride Carrier “2+2” (4-bike)

This brilliant bike rack is a 2-bike Hi-Ride carrier… when that’s all you need, but converts to a 4-bike rack (or back to a 2-bike) in just seconds.

And it still carries everything from the sleekest road racing greyhound to the biggest “downhill” and electric bikes… and everything in between.


Will my bike fit?

Yes the Hi-Ride system was originally designed for lightweight road & XC bikes (in carbon & alloy), but we think you’ll be amazed at just how versatile it really is for everything from “ladies” bikes to penny farthings. And now it’s a D/H rack too!


Carriers & Racks on caravans & campers etc.

There’s nothing better than taking your bikes with you when you’re off in the van, camper or motorhome. Unfortunately it’s also one of the hardest things to organize properly… until now.

Fire near the GripSport factory

Oh dear!

Bit of excitement at Grip HQ today with a neighboring factory going to God in a very fiery way.

We had the police taking up residence in our driveway, closing the whole street and telling us to evacuate. ” Because… Read more...

BMX frame repair

BMX frame repairs - done the right way!

We decided it should look like this though…

We’re still getting them… so called frame “repairs” that have been done cheap by a friend of a mate’s second cousin that some dude met up with down the pub after a… Read more...

C’mon people… lend a hand!

Lets face it… we are seriously lucky people here in Oz… lucky in that when it comes to the really big picture of life, death and the universe, the truth is we hardly even know what tragedy is. But of… Read more...

Bicycle Billboard

Custom Bicycle Billboards - New Product

Just after the new year we announced that we would be releasing two new products… well here’s the first one.

Our new Bicycle “Billboard” is all steel, fully powder coated, fits onto virtually any bike frame, can be fitted or… Read more...

Sean and Liz at their wedding

Good luck, Sean & Liz

Sean went and got himself married on the weekend so we couldn’t let the occasion pass without sending congrats from everyone else here at Grip HQ.

PS… the Boss said you’re expected back to work on Tuesday, mate.

Cheers for…

We’re back

Over the years, GripSport Christmas parties have swung from heart-pounding and ridiculous (like the big Zombie hunt of 2012), through to dead-set “sleepy” (like 2013’s driveway barbie at the factory). But this Christmas just gone, all the so-called “hip”, “young”… Read more...

Keep trying

Once again, our competitors have pulled out all the stops as they continue their efforts to develop the world’s ultimate bike carrier system.

The “Load-a-lot” (see above), spied while on test and despite the presence of armed Police wearing yellow… Read more...

Mischief Racing

Junior BMX

We certainly aren’t dripping with money and Grip HQ already donate regularly to a number of charities, but we found a few dollars to fling towards junior BMX’s “Mischief Racing” team and wish the kids all the best.

Cheers for…

And following on from the article below…

If you ever wondered how Melbourne’s blue “hire” bikes get shifted round then wonder no more.

Yep… another GripSport custom trailer with a carrier system designed specifically for these bikes. And it’s a pretty… Read more...


One of two matching “sag wagons” we just finished for Bicycle Network.

These babies are going to look after your baby next time you’re doing a Bicycle Victoria ride and need to be bussed home.


Pole Dancing…

What do you do when you want to build a pole dancing studio? Well obviously you ask a bicycle engineering company!

Dolls On Poles were setting up a teaching studio of about a dozen poles… but their building didn’t have… Read more...

New to the salt mine

We’d like to welcome John Voce aboard as the latest addition to “Team GripSport”. John brings with him over 30 years experience as an engineer and more than 40 as a cyclist and the really exciting thing is that he’s… Read more...

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