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Hi-Ride Carrier “Tilty” (2-bike)

The best bike rack in the world now lets you into the back of your hatchback or SUV in seconds…. while the bikes are still loaded.

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Hi-Ride Carrier “Fixie” (2-bike)

Setting the standard for over 10 years as the world’s safest, simplest, toughest and most versatile bike rack ever.

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Carriers & Racks on caravans & campers etc.

Fitting a bike rack onto your caravan or camper trailer is NOT as hard as some people make out.

Let us show you.

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Hi-Ride Carrier “2+2” (4-bike)

This brilliant bike rack is a 2-bike Hi-Ride carrier… when that’s all you need, but converts to a 4-bike rack (or back to a 2-bike) in just seconds.

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Bike Trailers

Do you need to transport lots of bikes? More bikes than you can possibly fit on your car? Then a GripSport Bike Trailer could be for you. Perfect for clubs, tour operators and families full of riders.

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Our Facebook page is the place to go for the absolute latest in GripSport news and information.

Simply click on the Facebook logo (to the left) for a whole heap of photos, videos and tidbits. We’ll show you the things we design, the things we make and the things we repair… (and we reckon you may well be amazed). Then we’ll also throw in as much stuff as possible about things our customers have told us they’re interested in, as well as anything we feel passionate about, or find funny, or that just gets up our goat.

So click on and “like” our Facebook page and not only will you be up to date with what we’re doing… but you’ll be the first to know when there’s something new available (or coming soon) and you’ll be in the running for the odd giveaways that we do on Facebook and nowhere else.


Frame repairs

From the smallest crack to complete frame failure… we’ve very rarely come across something we can’t fix. In fact we’ve repaired over 7000 frames (as of 2012) so we’re pretty confident about repairing yours.

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Frame painting

At the risk of sounding like we’re boasting…… ask around. We think you’ll find we really are very good at painting bike frames… and our prices start from just $285.

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Restoration - BMX

Regardless of whether you want to end up with traditional paint, powdercoat or chrome… that “finish” can only be as good as the restoration work done first. We’ll give you the invisible repairs & show-quality restoration you really want.

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Closed for Easter

Just to let you know… We will NOT be open this Saturday morning.

Enjoy your Easter everyone. Remember what’s it’s truly all about (CHOCOLATE!!!!!!!!!) and be safe.

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Bike racks on caravans

What a monster!

Turning this around in our car park took almost as long as fitting the bike carrier to it.

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We’re back!

The wait is over, folks… WE’RE BACK and we’re looking forward to a huge year of solving the unsolvable… fixing the unfixable… and building the best damn bike carriers in the free world.

Happy new year to you all.

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Second hand Hi-Ride for sale.

Absolutely ONE only and ready to be picked up NOW (or we can send it).

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Dragon Boats

A little something we whipped up recently for Melbourne City Council and the local Dragon Boat racing community.

Click the photo above to see the video.

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A death in the family

Our sympathies go out to Brian after the sudden death this morning of a close family member.
Brian is responsible for all the traditional wet-spray paint work here at GripSport, but has quite rightly “downed tools” to be with his family.
Our thoughts are with you, Mate. See you in the new year.

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